Have you been denied life insurance?

Other companies charging too much?

We designed a program just for you.

Payroll deduction of premiums

No physicals or health questions

Up to $50,000 whole life insurance

Automatic approval for postal employees

Up to $10,000 automatic approval life insurance for family

Offered by a 100+ year old life insurance company that is A+ rated

Sound too good to be true?

We have worked with postal employees over 14 years. We understand that there are a lot of postal employees who have health issues and are not able to secure life insurance.

The insurance company behind this plan designed it to help those employees with health issues. This is only available to postal employees and their families. They knew we worked closely with postal employees so they are allowing us to offer this special product.

This is a group plan much like your FEGLI coverage in that you do not have to take a physical or answer health questions. Again, this is only for Postal employees and their families.

Plan Details:

Coverage available up to $50,000 for employee and $10,000 for family.

Whole life insurance that builds cash value.

Payroll deduction of premiums.

Policy is effective as soon as we get first allotment.

Example coverage and costs:

55 year old male non-smoker $50,000 coverage $63/pay period with up to $20,000 cash value at age 65 or 20 years whichever is later.

40 year old female non smoker $50,000 Coverage $29.00/pay period with up to $17,000 cash value at age 60

We can obviously help employees who are in good health. If you are in good health and are looking for an alternative to your FEGLI through the postal service please email us at info@postallifeinsuranceplan.com